Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bowling with Friends

Paige and her cousin Kayla got to go bowling the other day for their friend Finn's b-day. They had a great time although Paige was quite upset when she wouldn't hit any pins, she's a little competitive I think. Here are some pictures that tell some of the story.

Paige and Kayla, ready to get their bowl on. I had no idea that they made bowling shoes that small.

The team!

Paige liked to put a lot of thought into her throws. Here she is getting herself mentally prepped for her turn.

Lining things up for the granny bowl.

"Bend... bend... BEND!"

"That was alright."

Kayla having a go. She was a more aggressive bowler than Paige.

"Let's see who is in the lead. What the heck! How do you read this thing? Let's get a third opinion."

"Knocking all five pins down with the first ball is a strike, worth 15 points, which means the score achieved by the player's first two balls of the next frame or frames are added to his or her score for the strike. They are also, of course, counted in their own frames, so in effect they count double. A player who takes two balls to knock all the pins down gets a spare, which means the first ball of the next frame counts double. When a bowler bowls two strikes in succession, within a game, the bowler has scored a "double". The count in the frame where the first strike was bowled is left blank until the bowler makes his or her first delivery of the next frame. When a double has been bowled, the count for the first strike is 30 points plus the value of the pins bowled down with the first ball of the frame following the second strike. When a bowler bowls three strikes in succession, within a game, the bowler has scored a "triple" (also called a "turkey"). In scoring three successive strikes, the bowler is credited with 45 points in the frame where the first strike was bowled. As in ten-pin, if either of these happen in the last frame, the player gets to take one or two shots at a re-racked set of pins immediately. A perfect score is 450, which is probably attained less frequently than perfect tenpin scores are, because of the greater opportunity in five-pin for splits (arrangements of the remaining pins in which there are spaces large enough for a ball to pass through without touching a pin). Does that make more sense?"

And of course, snacks and cake after the game. I am glad to see they are not hitting the juice too hard.

A great time had by all!

bye for now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ground Control to Mommy... Come in Mommy

So we got to go to the airport the other day and pick Robyn up. She was returning from a three day adventure with her sister to Edmonton, Ab. We were joined by the cousins for the grand welcome at arrivals.

Dad, are you sure she is coming?

Do you see the plane out there?

It's just about time for mommy to get here!

Hey look! It's the airpwane!


...and we ate lots of candy, and daddy let us watch lots and lots of movies, and we stayed up late....

I really want to ride this thing.

Well there you go. It was a joyous reunion and we were able to keep Payton from riding the luggage carousel. It sure is great to have Robyn home.

Bye for now,

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mum's Away

So Robyn has gone to a gift show in Edmonton for three nights, and the kids and I have been fending for ourselves. It is a funny thing when a wife goes away, you just don't quite know what to do with yourself sometimes. My friend and look-alike Tyler noted the same thing when his wife goes away. All in all we are doing good here, it has had its moments for sure but it has been pretty good. (Although, I think that Payton is getting some molars in on the bottom.) Here are some shots from our Mums Away extravaganza! (All captions are located directly under the corresponding photos)

Paige and I decided to make a pig out of this tin box.

We have yet to name him though... stay tuned for that.

Payton has not been feeling well, he loves to cuddle Toby his toy dog.

bye for now!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Moments with the Kids

So I am pretty sure that our kids are hilarious! The following are some shots of them from our DDSD (Daddy, Daughter, Son Day).

Paige feeling as though we all need to know what is happening in her mouth at the inception of gestation.

Wassat? Payton's way of asking "what's that?"

I'm not up to anything...


I have this feeling I am being watched... whoa! that laundry basket just took my picture
Where's Payton?

bye for now

Some Revamping... again

Hi there,
I just wanted to mention that I have created a different blog for posting my random thoughts about stuff. I just couldn't get past the brief history I have had with this site in which I would talk about my family. It didn't seem right to not be mentioning them on the Family Hansen site. Anyways, if you would like to check out my thoughts you can have a gander at Hansen.

bye for now