Tuesday, December 26, 2006

a hansen holiday

merry christmas from the hansens! here are a few pics to share with you how we celebrated.

paige opened some christmas jammies on christmas eve

christmas morning grapes

hooray! raisins!

really getting into the gift opening! look at that concentration!

kayla in her new bumbo

4 generations of meikle chicks

paige smothering grace with love

paige writing her wish list to santa for next year at her new table and chair

have a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Thursday, December 21, 2006


What is a daddy daughter day (DDD) with out spending a little $$ to have some great fun. This morning we went to CT and bought a cool new sled for Paige. It's one of those wood sleds that sit off the ground and have the railing around them. Although I have already managed to tip her over she assures me she is still having fun.
We are going to Laurie Middle school today at lunch to help out with "summer days," we are sponsoring a team called the Power Rangers. Paige thinks it’s a lot of fun.

Bye for now

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Icicles on Branches

I have been fascinated by the icicles which are forming on our tree in the back. Truth be told I don't think icicles are a good sign because it means that your roof isn't insulated and ventilated properly, but they look cool anyways. Our icicles form on the branches our tree encasing all they come in contact with.
I was thinking that this is sort of like how we are before we meet Jesus. We all were stuck in an eternal winter, not unlike the one C.S. Lewis describes in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Here we sit trapped, unable to live life the way it is meant to be lived.
But for some strange reason God has chosen to unthaw us, to warm us with the light of His Son, Jesus. We didn't know we needed to be unthawed, we didn't even ask to be, but God does it just the same.
One day the life that is in these little buds will burst out and enjoy it's life on the tree, the same as we burst out into the new life God has given us, no longer to be trapped inside an icicle.

The End

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

One Winters Day

One winters day Paige went out to play.

She played in the snow with her favorite ball.

But a big gust of wind came and blew it away. Paige chased after it.

She wandered the neighborhood looking for her ball...

but it was nowhere to be found=:(

But she did find her dad in time for "daddy daughter day" (ddd)!

The End

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

hide and seek

So today I was unable to find Paige. She likes to hide herself now, and is starting to get quite good at it, although she still thinks we can't see her when she covers her eyes. I sure like the spot she chose to hide today. I am pretty sure she will be a champion hide and seek player when she is older, making her parents very rich or something.
Anyways, It is daddy daughter day today and I think we are going to go x-country skiing.

Bye for now,