Friday, February 9, 2007

Paige in Springter

The following is the story of Paige and her dad going for a walk up the block on one *springters day. (*refering to the time between winter and spring where everthing is wet and icy and all the frozen dog poops become unfrozen again)

Hurry Dad! Let's go outside.

All right, now we're talking. Can't you move any faster dad?!

Can't talk now. I've got to focus on where I put my feet, I don't want to slip... or step in dodoo.

Check it out, I found a stick, and it shall be called "my stick."

And I shall use it for touching snow that I could previously not reach... look at me go!

I love my stick and I will... OH! A puddle

Better get my hand in there just to make sure that it's really wet.

All right a fence and gate that are my size. This must be where I live.
See ya dad!
Bye for now,

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Homeless and Pregnant

Yes, both statements are true of the family Hansen. As of Friday Feb 2nd our house was sold, and as of Saturday Feb 3rd Robyn entered into the second trimester of her withchildness which means that we are telling everyone we know about the good news. So these are two very exciting and nerve racking things happening to us these days. We knew we wanted a second child, and after seeing how much stuff babies somehow manage to bring with them into the world we decided that we would like search for a larger house. We loved our house, and especially loved the street we lived on, we will be sad to them behind, but excited for where we will go next.

Bye for now,