Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Happy Pop Pop Day

I love Paige's little voice and her words, they are so cute. Today's word is "Pop pop" which translated means popcorn. We sat together on the couch and ate pop pop and watched The Fox and the Hound today. Paige was pretty happy about that. Here are some pictures of her, she is PDC. (Pretty Darn Cute)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

paige's new love

the one and only, cute paige hansen, has a favorite. her cousin kayla. paige just can't get enough of her! she'll walk around the house saying 'kayla, kayla, kayla....' over and over again. all babies are now named 'kayla' as well! it seems kayla is getting used to all of this attention, and doesn't scream anymore when paige tries to hug her. it's pretty cute!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Great Mouse Hunt

So an exciting thing happened yesterday morning at about 6:45am. Robyn and I did our usual routine of getting up that morning, I went into Paige's room to get her out of her crib and change her diaper, and Robyn went into the kitchen to get Paige her morning cup of milk. Now this morning was a little more unusual in that the night before Robyn had been imprisoned on our couch by a mouse who was running around on the floor. It was with that knowledge that we started our day, and what a start it was. Seconds after lifting Paige from her crib we heard three loud shrieks from the kitchen. When Robyn had entered the kitchen she turned on a light, and as she did that the mouse ran right past her toes and under our oven, not the best thing to get rid of the morning groggies but it definitely did the trick. So with no mouse traps in the house I took it upon myself to defend our home from this little invader who will be from here on referred to as Charlie. Knowing that it was still in the kitchen, I closed off all the exits, and proceeded to remove hiding spots. Charlie made his move from his hideout, and I grabbed the nearest thing I had to sub machine gun... my trusty "Oscar" broom. Robyn said that she could tell every time Charlie came into the open because I started crashing and banging things spazmaticly with "Os." I finally coaxed him into the open and corralled him in an open corner where I unleashed a payload hurt with old "Os," after which I pulled out my field knife, an empty corn can, and beat him with that just to make sure. The results, Aaron and Oscar 1, Charlie... dead!
In the heat of battle one gets a little carried away and I forgot to take pictures afterwards. I was more concerned with Paige trying to play dead little Charlie than with documenting the event. The above Photo is just a reenactment for the sake of this blog.

The End

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Post New Year

It has been a while since our last post, and honestly, we haven't taken a lot of pictures since Christmas. I had the week between Christmas and New Years off which was a great time of relaxing and enjoying time with family. We snored in the new year which was awesome, and spent New Years day sledding with friends. I'm pretty sure we did other things that week ... but I can't really remember what. We traveled to Rockridge Canyon on Jan 3rd and spent five days being together with Young Life staff from across Canada. It was a great time to reconnect some friends we had made over the summer and we had some great teaching and seminars throughout the week. Hope you are having a great new year. Please enjoy the few pictures we have to share with you.

Paige wanted to learn how to use chop sticks this year

Pictures from our sledding day

Bye for now