Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Since the Last Time We Spoke...

So it has been a little while since we have put up some pics. So here are a whole bunch at once. Strap in and hold on!

We have been having a lot of fun these days as is clearly seen on Payton's face.

It is always amazing to me the fun one can have taking pictures of one's kids during the most normal activities, like snack time.

Paige took this shot of her brother... I am impressed.

A little St. Patties Day fun.

I just needed to point out that Payton is doing the Walk Like an Egyptian dance here.

This is the coolest soccer ball ever because Robyn made it!

A little early spring gardening. They are actually just watering the plants, and doing an awesome job of it I might add.

I absolutely love how Paige dresses and dances! She has so many great moves.

"No dad... I'm not up to anything. Just going for a drive that's all."

The kids are having so much fun with their wagon. They pulled it up and down our street, and I have a really great video of it that I will try to share with you later.

Payton enjoying some R n R in his new hand-me-down jacket from Jackson.

Did I mention that we are having a lot of fun these days.

bye for now,

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Snow Day at Grandma & Papa's

So last week something happened here that hasn't happened since Christmas... it snowed. The kids were up at their Grandparents home and had a great time in the sticky white stuff. Here are some pictures from their fun in the snow.


Paige wanted to pull and Payton wanted to ride. It was a perfect situation for each of them.

"Does anybody know this guy?"

"It looks like he could use a hand."

It is always great to help someone in need.

bye for now,