Thursday, August 13, 2009

The House That Aaron Built

It all started out with this thought that the kids need something to do in the back yard. Then there was lots of dreaming and scheming, and finally a plan. We ended up building this great "play-date" house for the kids and the best part is we did it cheep. There were lots of people that participated in building this thing and I think I will acknowledge them right now.
Sandbox & Frame:
David Oliveiri
Kevin Malone
Flooring & Walls:
Gordie McArthur
Jeremy Hansen
Ben Braun
Kevin Malone
Donated Materials:
Gordie McArthur
Jeremy Hansen
Ben Braun
Mike & Annie Hepher
Paul Reimer

I hope I didn't forget anyone there. We couldn't have done this with out all the help!

We put a nice deep drain hole in the sandbox, which has already come in handy.

The ceder siding came from our first house, it's amazing what a wire brush will do.

Fun for all ages.

Bye for now,

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Jenn & Wade said...

That looks like so much fun! Great job!